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  1. Mark Shepard Songs

    I have such a crush on Laura Sanko. She's the real deal. Not just another pretty face.

  2. crayb89

    Man it’s hard not rooting for any of these dudes, all great men.

  3. James Farrell

    I'm rooting for Do Bronx now. Seems like a fuckin great dude AND a str8 savage

  4. Tonius15

    Charles is a wholesome dude!

  5. fearlessjoebanzai

    Somebody needs to give Arianny my number.

  6. LMivha

    After Khabib and Tony, Charles is my new favourite.

  7. your vidia

    That Laura she’s a got damn good looking

  8. Josemaria Solari Saavedra

    The Double Champ eats what the fook he wants

  9. clayton davidson

    Hate to see any of the co main/main fighters lose. Someone has to win someone has to lose.........unless your name is ion.

  10. Daniel Yi

    LETS GO TONY!!!!

  11. Chief Mojorizin

    Lets go Aloe Vera!

  12. D C

    really like what olivieria said when he handled that angry fan. wish more ppl were like that. wish i was like that. hope he wins Saturday

  13. Gustavo Buñirigo

    Wilkison payaso , anda acaprender a pelear sorete

  14. TheWOLF Malik

    I got Charles!

  15. Eduardo Garcia

    Lack of professionalism. Boxing commentators run circles around these guys.

  16. Nicholas Fansher

    Oliveira wins by KO

  17. Emcee Zenith

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to hit his prime at the age of 40

  18. Carlos Vieira

    Let Go Do Bronxs!

  19. CrashN Burn

    What’s with the stupid fucking mask???? Houston🤔duh

  20. David Mcphee

    Holy shit Chandler looks like he on the brink of death these weight cuts are brutal

  21. Bum Stickety Bum

    Respect to chandler for adopting a young black man and loving him so he'll have a positive outlook on life and avoid being a stat, better than most fathers and he didn't even have to but CHOSE to. Very inspiring.

  22. Loaneen Heimuli

    Have same pill beat speaker

  23. Mango Matthews

    His voice sounds so dry he’s really dehydrated, let the man hydrate get his energy back

  24. Faust .s

    i get the crowd wanting chandler to win but why you gotta boo oliviera hes amazing

  25. Flavio Carvalho

    I'm Brazilian too and the exact translation of what Charles Oliveira said is the following: Listen, Fighting is on my blood! I’m ready mentally and physically. Tomorrow, it will be a great show! I will make sure of that! I will be the champion!

  26. Quack Sus

    they made this video just to promote michael chandler

  27. Christopher Lance

    Bruh! Best stare down ever!! So pumped for this card💯

  28. Seyi Agiri

    Sheesh. He looks and sounds soooo different.

  29. James D. Blanchard

    Not taking anything away from the effort & performance by CO or the heart displayed by TF (as seen with that armbar) but it was Geathje who broke this Man & though he's still as dangerous as they come, TF will never be the same... In fact TF should be Thanking Geathje for that ass whooping cause that loss saved him a much harder beating that he would've received at the hands of Khabib (with the possibility of 2 more rounds)

  30. applejm

    2 fights worth watching

  31. tibiboss

    Chandler looks on steroids LOL

  32. Bob Lob

    DC about to get his own mukbang segment

  33. HELLios6

    I hope Oliveira becomes champ he sounds like the coolest guy ever

  34. erry deo

    wat doz tony smoke,the is restless..lol

  35. portauprince22


  36. Aerl Varas

    Let’s go Mike

  37. littletone Kouns

    This guy can barely stream a sentence together he’s so depleted . Feel horrible for what they do to their bodies...for the record....still puts a sentence together better than my president .

  38. jstarr23kid

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to have a Brasilian hype-man in his ear when he doesnt understand Portugese.

  39. fragments

    Tony the type of guy to buy an oversized hat just so khabib can have a bigger living space

  40. joel nuts

    tony has the best w/L ratio on the card

  41. Jordan rock

    I'm I drunk or did I just see like five Tony Fergusons on stage?

  42. Rya N

    Yo dc is a crack head he shouldn’t be allowed to compete at anything

  43. johnny denny

    who's Charles dentist

  44. Michael Martinez

    Chandler for the big W lest go 😤😤😤😎

  45. ใหม่ ลี


  46. johnny denny

    Is that Tony Jr? even the whooh

  47. Personal Trainer Bali

    Tony's the type of guy to write the best Tony's comment before the embedded video is posted

  48. Cody Last Name

    I can't wait until Tony fights his way back to the title and calls out his old rival tiramisu once and for all. 2022 will be a glorious year.

  49. Fuck Google

    I’d really love to see oliveira as the next LW champ man

  50. ใหม่ ลี


  51. America First

    Diaz bro! Bc Antonina is quiet and reserved, but the Bullet is sooo fn violent, it may make up for her sisters shyness, but both Bros. Are brash, and about as game as possible.

  52. Yung Demon

    I know im not the only one who forgot this was a interview for a moment idc of im high lol idc idc 🤣🤣

  53. Kristian N.T

    joe rogan said that michael candler was the lightweight champion, even though they had not competed yet😂

  54. Zenzuu

    This guy would look good being bald. He should consider shaving his head.

  55. Aerl Varas

    You can say someone’s little parched

  56. UNDEFEATED7000

    Bruce Lee kill all

  57. Anouar Bouchal

    What's the name of this show

  58. Craig Coston

    Olivera is going to fuck chandler up .mark my words,hands down domination. Watch

  59. D.A. S.

    Goodbye Mike..... Nice knowing yea while it lasted. Fake azz control freak... They guys soul doesnt even recognize its own body.....Fake personality.

  60. Robert Hughes

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to drive a rental car from California to Texas and then jog home.

  61. UNDEFEATED7000

    Tony vs Connor will be Crazy Fight, bec tony Fight in Stand, he can and really have to change his Strategie, he like to eat punches, but stop this, don’t let u Hit, and when u get hit, than hit back...don’t eat punches, this style is out.

  62. Plain and Simple

    This is the first time I have ever said this…. I hope Tony punches that guy in his ego

  63. Mar Clar

    that ending made me amped and ready to go for the weekend!!!!! let's go Charles do Bronx Oliveira

  64. Ad M

    31:39 oliveira looks like Super saiyan Tony

  65. Kyle

    Can Tony understand charles? Who am I kidding, Tony the type of guy to understand all languages, but act like he knows none.

  66. Rene Fernamdo Perez Escobar

    Gosh i missed u joe rogan!

  67. LetsGoforDatride

    How he have one fight in ufc in setup for a title shot I bet tony gonna call khabib out if he win

  68. Hoji Ariana McDavid Barrett

    He's so cute.

  69. Mr.eastcoast Grow

    Charles Olivera is either very Ugly or Very good looking I can't quite tell witch. Gonna have to ask the wife.

  70. packlesswolf1

    Canelo before tattoos

  71. nate marshall


  72. ShortBTC

    DC is high af

  73. Top 0.3% Ranked Pimpologist

    Dana goin to brazil very soon

  74. sirlittleuzi vertical

    Why is White hair Charles not a mythical character!? The white hair symbolises experience

  75. QuanFaFighter420

    Charles is a straight up MENSCH

  76. Panglima Game

    Oliviera win

  77. WanderA

    Charles Oliveira needs to win for the MMA purists

  78. SirWilliamSquireVonDutchMire

    Wow people understand that tattoos make everyone look far less intelligent.