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  1. asiri332

    I Phone S4 😣😣😂

  2. Muhammadali Shakarbekov

    *my Stay tuned to our Channel👍💬♥️*

  3. Shawn Ruby

    Hey UFC, you’re so stupid for not keeping Dan Hardy. This specific program is now garbage. Way to go idiots.

  4. Moses Barcenas

    Dan Hardy !?!!!!

  5. Vajrahaha Shunyata

    Dislike and leaving to go find Dan Hardy.... Or the Weasle... These guys are both Bette as sidekicks

  6. Ayomide Otukoya


  7. Fun Tube!

    Impressive how Khabib finished his last fight of his career!

  8. Gilberto Mendoza

    Esos referís gordos ni corren por eso dañan a. Los que están en el suelo

  9. tyler gardner

    The literal fuckin goat

  10. Cody Meredith

    This is unwatchable without Dan Hardy. Bring him back!

  11. LeBron James

    Who the fook is this guy 1-6 last 7 fights

  12. taffy roosevelt

    He beat Conor without a training camp. What a legend.

  13. N

    That KO on Josh was just dirty, jeeeeez

  14. K

    Was that push worth it? Now you’re fight was cancelled and you “injured” the other dude. I wonder what they said.

  15. rtorbs

    Id love to go to Oz but legit literally everything land sea and air wants to log you off permanently .....would still go

  16. Aldin

    How are you not embarrassed to actually use a fake title as a promoting tool? "BMF champ", cmon guys... Another question, if the title is legitimate in any way shape or form, why TF didn't Masvidal lose it to Usman when he 50-45'd him? 4:20 Usman = longest win streak (13) vs "I beat Nate Diaz". Stupidly laughable

  17. Paul Polpiboon

    Good interview

  18. Edward Kress

    Just commenting to say get hardy back on

  19. evilash570

    This is gonna b a nail biter!

  20. John Lennon

    it’s a crime that this man never got a title shot while he was in his prime and destroying everyone. The ufc did him dirty af

  21. MrHabib

    Technically that’s a chin up.. pull up requires hard work

  22. Ishi1XP

    Fuck dude!!!

  23. Tausif Khan

    Bring back DAN HARDY!!!

  24. Rayan hedayat

    Bring back dan

  25. Rayan hedayat

    Bullshit without dan hardy

  26. E Martin

    Top Five best audience reactions @ 9:07

  27. Steven Terrell


  28. Childish

    Nobody cares about this show without Hardy.

  29. Alexis Chan-Cab

    Fucking Stephens.

  30. Meidi 123

    Khabib triangle

  31. Mohamad Khalil

    Where’s Dan Hardy!

  32. William Toulouse

    Is Rose still fighting Zhang after her anti China comments?

  33. John Charlton

    There is no BT Sport without Hardy when it comes to mma

  34. William Toulouse

    Is Rose still fighting Zhang after her anti China comments?

  35. Oga Booga

    why does connor seem like a nice guy out side of the conferences

  36. Dave Stephens Jr

    Dont care if its legal that shit is weak and some bitch shit

  37. Gok Gok

    Who the fook is that guy?

  38. notmyname

    Nice "draw" ;-)

  39. Middlesex Omar

    How UFC screwed up the perfect chemistry between Gooden and Hardy is beyond me. No offensive, I'm a fan of Chiesa, But if it's not broken, don't fix it

  40. Muhammad Abdullah

    We want Dan Hardy back

  41. Paul Polpiboon

    Whatever defeat happened to him in the recent fight, this was a golden moment. It was literally Bruce Lee when that O'Hara caught his leg in Enter the Dragon. "Oh you got my foot? I got a kick for you!" Wataaaa!

  42. James Jones

    There can only be 1 analyst on this show and he used to have a pink mohawk and would send people to the shadow realm , us MMA fans need his guidance. Fuck you Dana.

  43. Jon

    Downvotes for lack of Hardy

  44. giuliani denis

    Gamebred 🏆

  45. harenk

    Good on you Rob. We're right behind you. 💪🏽

  46. CJ Parsons

    This is shit

  47. A G

    THUG ROSE!!!!! THUG ROSE!!!!!! THUG ROSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. the kattner

    Sucks that China got the W tho

  49. Buck Futtler

    2:25 = Joe's VERY best "OOOOOHHHHH!!!" of all time!

  50. Valette

    12:37 that knee was so good that even Gogeta had to comment on it

  51. omer murtaja



    When the dislikes are proportionate to the likes, you know the viewers are unhappy with something. I'm sure it has nothing to do with Dan Hardy.

  53. Ricky Fontaine (Producer)

    Moment would be better if "Sterling" wasnt there. He just there looking lost lol


    Michael I talk in all lame cliches Chiesa

  55. Fabricio Martins

    Mike Tyson woman

  56. Axel Ruiz

    and still

  57. Lazer iX

    i was driving i had to pull over to rewatch this fight

  58. Teodor Groza

    Alexndr Romanov 👍

  59. Hassan Abbaci

    Khabib the Legend 😍🙏🏻💪🏻👍🏻

  60. Lawin Boss

    he made him humble tho

  61. Marc Gonzalez

    she’s fighting wit lash extensions and walking out to Selena, Cortez mean business

  62. jelly baby

    John Is An Annoying Pommie Prat Deport Him

  63. John Fernandes

    Cant believe suplexes are legal. Quadraplegia anyone?

  64. Dee Knows

    Where is Dan Hardy? ITO without Dan Hardy feels like Christmas without gifts.

  65. Monski

    Small but terrible.

  66. Greasy Fart

    When she started acting tough all I could hear was "Head movement! Head Movement!" lol

  67. Will Hatfield

    Damn Mikey boy, killer insight brotha... I loved the whole aspect from your point of view from your fight with masvidol, great look on it all. Love this dude, still can’t believe he’s a 170... and was a 155’er... that man is huge!

  68. Arthur Barnwell

    umpopular opinion but mcgregor doesnt actually have a lot of power he has incredible accuracy and technique which is what causes the finish and is where the damage comes from


    Stop the Fight!

  70. Joe Ybarra

    Bisping may have been a dick but he never punched old people out of the octagon.

  71. Rekan Payne

    Give hardy ufc footage for his show dana

  72. Rekan Payne

    Monke : where dan

  73. robertg305

    Woodley was the man. Sad he’s on a 4 fight losing streak. Still had a good career

  74. Mukwa Milos

    All masvidal has on him is the fastest knock out ? Lmao

  75. JS

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to be on at 12 fight win streak and say he’s on a 7 fight win streak instead

  76. Shane D

    Poor Justin was trying to tap and the ref didn’t see

  77. Андрій Горюк

    If Dan Hardy doesn't return, you should keep Chiesa here. Good analytics!

  78. Travis T

    Met that Dude years ago. Hes low key humble and just wanted to fight to put ends on the table and think now has the most wins