Top Submissions: Aleksei Oleinik | The Boa Constrictor

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    "The Boa Constrictor," Aleksei Oleinik, can strike at any moment and have his opponent confused how they got in such a precarious position. Watch every submission finish from Oleinik's UFC career so far.
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    1. El potro Vallo

      He is the MAN 👑💪👍

    2. Rob L

      Someone school me on this - so the Ezekiel choke from the bottom. Could the guy on top have pushed down on Oleiniks left elbow to relieve some of the pressure and possibly break the choke? How would this be defended??

    3. Félix

      I like Oleinik cause every time he goes to the ground its like..what now? He's a real submission master

    4. Tim

      While he probably should retire, if he doesnt want to i Hope they feed him a few average guys to get going again, will never not be interesting to see this guy fight.

    5. thelastpolygonbender

      I love this guy. I've been submitting people in mount and kesa gatame since 98. And since 98 every jiu jitsu coach has told me it doesn't work.

    6. macki 1000

      Wow this man is a beast!

    7. Chubearishere

      This, would be Izzy's toughest challenge.

    8. Igor Mirkovic

      Old fart

    9. Александр Чирков

      Дядя Леша красава!!!

    10. Hugo Gonzalez

      Interesting guy, I hate to see when he gets knocked out but he fights heavyweights. Inevitable.

    11. Niccky Rajput

      He is truely by his nick name bou constructor

    12. B A

      "Aleksei should look to separate here!" LOL, right

    13. Aliticx

      3:36 the way he sets up the Ezekiel from the clinch is fascinating.

    14. Menace To Sobriety

      This guy is something else man!

    15. Goldenjackal

      Why isn`t the fight with Derrick Lewis included? Oleinik can`t win only with his wrestling against serious opponents. Even when he gets punched in the face he insists on wrestling instead of fighting smarter and not being so obvious...

    16. Collin Green

      Please let him retire with his brain....fuck he takes so many hard shots

    17. mood fm

      will they just fire dan hardy already? alainick!! aleksei alainick!!

    18. Flesz

      I can fight him only in neck collar

    19. Re!gn

      "Where's Ronda Rousey's fine ass at?" - Aleksei Oleinik probably

    20. Great White

      Its weird that people don't know how to get out of that choke, its not difficult, not more difficult than a guillotine.

      1. Re!gn

        Everyone's an expert when you're not fighting 3-5 rounds on the biggest stage at the highest level of competition.

    21. Bnate8


    22. Mark Ferguson

      Remarkable to watch the guy. Those guys from that continent have a masterful control of submissions.

    23. Read more

      "Orangutan Arms" - Joe Rogan

    24. Famiry Guy

      Ezekiel from the bottom! 😮👍

    25. Константин


    26. Bnate8

      Homie got RNC’d lmao

      1. Re!gn

        you're talking about Andrei Arlovski dude.

    27. Marco MUNI

      Aleksei ... legend !

    28. Dean Smith

      One of the Most apt nicknames for a fighter I've ever heard of. If Aleksei gets a hold of you, your done.

    29. Ivan T


    30. mystical being89

      randy couture just cant retire can he

    31. Evan93

      Mark "black belt in jiu-jitsu" Hunt

    32. gslizza

      Win or lose . this guy is fun to watch

    33. intercoreuk


    34. Karp karpiu

      Przechuj. Dobry wariat.

    35. Joe T.

      Absolutely a Hall of Famer! It's amazing that people like him and Andrei Arlovski and Alistair Overeem have stayed at such a high level for so long! Inspiring all right!

    36. EM GA

      5:29 what was that scream in the background?

    37. Виталий Челпанов


    38. Nazar

      Betrayer of Ukraїne ..

    39. A Man

      6:26 lolz

    40. Veselin Srdanov


    41. Анвар Биджанов

      Просто мастер своего дела 👍

    42. LazerBeams PewPew

      I don’t know how some mma fans don’t like grappling? Or the ground game In general... ignorance is a big factor.

      1. Jonathan Logue

        If they can't even appreciate elite grappling then they aren't mma fans

      2. Re!gn

        It's actually MOST mma fans. It's just sad and pathetic that they can't appreciate high level grappling. It's beautiful to watch.

      3. Traveller

        Those are casuals man, unfortunately they're the majority...

    43. Rohit Ji Fish Life chicken curry masala

    44. Rohit Ji Fish Life chicken curry masala

    45. sean connorton

      The definition of a mma veteran

    46. Ryan

      Ezekiel from bottom in half gaurd. What the fuck lol

    47. Bleach Mania

      Aleksei '' Python '' Oleinik

    48. cruhg

      this is going to be ryan hall one day if anyone actually has the balls to fight him

    49. Jose Luis Cobos

      I think is actually the fighter with the most higher numbers of fights on the octagon. It’s crazy!

    50. Ryan King

      Minimal celebration, maximum humble

    51. Joseph Davis

      I love how the commentary team almost ALWAYS gets the call wrong when he’s setting up his subs. Dude must have hydraulic rams in his back... finishing people with scarfs and no-gi ezekiels. Christ.

    52. Joseph Davis

      His squeeze must be terrifying to feel.

    53. Kanon Mata

      If he had signed with the ufc in his 30s he'd have been world champion

      1. Re!gn

        True. Nobody back then knew how to deal with high level grappling. He would've been at the top of the world!

    54. MISSIONA17

      He’s trash

    55. Paulus de Kenezy


    56. Johnny B Goode

      That's the advantage of long reach

    57. Александр Великий

      Легенда ММА

    58. Jose Florian

      He’s gonna win tonight

    59. Nome Cognome


    60. RAYS REALM


    61. TheEnderBand

      My man built like a gibbon

    62. Ivan Sarajev

      Possibly the best, most fitting nickname in MMA

    63. Az hoo haa Ha

      Look at meee my name olieickkk

    64. Razor123

      4:55 "Oleinik is climbing all over the frame of Mike Hunt". That's what she said!

    65. RJ Dman

      love aleksei

    66. Kyle Pitzer

      To get the sub from the bottom is truly unreal

    67. trevman761

      Rename the Ezekiel choke

    68. Egorchik

      Uncle Lyosha💪🏻🙌🏻

    69. ShOwTiMe RiDeR GT

      What a legend

    70. Pen Wednesday

      Saw him when i was younger, getting his ass beat and then the other guy started screaming, said he got his foot.

    71. Mitch Levy

      This guy is a great fighter.

    72. Chris N.

      i guess this is his last one... good guy, but he is old and there are young guys in his way... stay healthy and go home

    73. Xavier Nunez

      Legit one of my favorite fighters to watch

    74. Hunter 1213

      One of my favourite guys on the UFC roster insane grappling ability and super underrated striking. Truly one of the scariest matchups at HW.

    75. Pat Masherelli

      MONSTER!!! Can't think of another name.

    76. Swan 1000

      This guy has fought almost everybody at this point besides Stipe of Ngannou

    77. João Sousa

      If you pay attention all his opponents have that frustrated reaction after they tap like: "How in the hell this guy caught me with this damn move?!" Makes it even more brilliant!

    78. zeljko mijic

      Хранить тебе Господь дорогой брат! Сербия болеть за тебе!

    79. M1R2S

      That Ezekiel choke is a thing of beauty

    80. Kevin Jacobson

      Why do black guys always take losses like a toddler?

    81. Karabo Molele

      Talk about living up to your fight nam3

    82. Der Kreator

      He's been fighting longer than I've been alive

    83. Maybe, maybe not.

      The look of "WTF just happened" on Albini's face is priceless.

    84. The B34ST

      How does he make it up to heavyweight?

    85. tai

      The man has 3 wins in one day, all by ezekiel choke

    86. Kunal Shandilya

      This is poetry in motion.

    87. Tyler Packer

      I love that his submissions confuse the commentators. :-)

    88. Miyamoto Musashi

      Oleinik vs Dillashaw book it Dana!

    89. p2187 B

      The ezekiel choke is the most badass submission after the twister

    90. UFC прогнозы

      Машина по производству сабмишенов

    91. Роза Абдуллаева

      he's a boa constrictor for a reason💪💪💪

    92. The Nazgul

      Great submission fighter, unique technique...🙏🙏

    93. sliddjur

      He has a very nice squeeeeze... but the travis brown fight... was it even under the chin? or even a crank? it looks more like brown is exhausted lol

    94. Ant

      I love guys like Oleinik. So unique, adds flavor to the sport. Hard not to root for him.

    95. Tyro Cyr

      Awesome guy

    96. snowboard424

      He had Lewis too. His neck was just too big to sink in the choke hahah. My Favorite submission artist on the roster by a wide margin.

    97. Adrián Urrusuno

      This is not a compilation. This is a ground clinic. Beast!

    98. caos one

      Dude will hug the life outta you if you ain't careful.

    99. EriksR

      Albini one was comical

    100. Alexander

      Do you think Hunt rocked Oleinik at 4:30? He looks kinda wobbly.