UFC 258: Post-fight Press Conference

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    Watch the UFC 258: Post-fight Press Conference live following the event.
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    1. Raylen Givens

      It’s hilarious that Usman swore Masvidal would be the one that wouldn’t accept a fight with him without a “built in excuse to lose” and then HE is the one that pulls back from the fight. 🙄

    2. Man Don’t lie

      Kumara wearing a god damn tux....wtf

    3. Arthur Davis

      Usman, despite his talent, is a charisma sink. So unlikable.

    4. DrDem420

      Masvidal isn't on the same level as Kamaru, I like Jorge a lot...but I don't see him doing any better against Usman than he did in the past. I would really love to see Jorge fight Leon Edwards or Colby Covington. UFC 258 was the tits though.

    5. Brad Colby

      These men have my respect:they truly are doing things 99.99% of everyone couldn’t

    6. TeddyP

      After watching BKFC, watching UFC is like watching paint dry! Rolling around on the canvass for 5 minutes rubbing and tugging each other!

    7. Ray c

      Can ya'll start giving the videos a decent sound level please.

    8. HighFiveGaming

      Love and respect Usman, but why take it so personally that he wants to win the championship LOL. Like thats the point of the UFC

    9. Jack Ford

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    10. Jens Karel

      "He's a hooker" - Dan Hooker

    11. EarlGrey

      Come on UFC.. the audio levels on this video is fucked. Normalize that shit before you upload. You're supposed to be professional...

    12. Sailing Tramontana Westwind 35

      Jeezz Usman, its just a fight man. Don’t take yourself so seriously

    13. Will Bilson

      I never understood the dark black on dark blue fashion faux pas

    14. Oscar Estrella

      I think burns could become champ with that mindset.

    15. Brian Casteel

      Too Gilbert Burns, if you learn from the mistakes then it's not a loss but a learning experience. You can not get better unless you fight the best. Fighting the best means you are going to take some losses but that is only going to make you better.

    16. Nick Vacca

      300 ad breaks and the sound is awful

    17. BoDiggety


    18. Colin Durrant

      Love Usman as a person. Done himself proud. Talking to his Dad in the press conference :-)

    19. Sergio Waters


    20. K Han

      masvidal knocks him out in rematch with proper camp lol, hows that for respect

    21. seb bo

      usman: grappling dominator that has added a deadly jab that drops people to his arsenal dana: usman's best attribute is his chin. dude has such a hard time hiding who he's rooting for

    22. Kevzzz11

      Usman "I was 195 pounds because I ate like a pig, cut six the first night and jumped on a plane to Abu Dhabi." What a pro!

    23. Karl Kuate

      Are you sure Usman was fighting Burns? the bruises tell a different story...

    24. Dylan Coykendall

      Still hearing in my head Buffer announce "Kam - Arr - ooo Ooos-man"

    25. Diplo Soriano

      Don’t even ask “who’s got the first question anymore” lol

    26. BOBI CHUNG

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    27. Caveman Hikes

      20 ad breaks. WhY ARe So mANy PeOPle LiVe stReMinG?

    28. Mathias Tjbyeah Mathers

      Mayce "Far away from the Future" Barber. & 100% Respect to USMAN, what a killer! Kamaru " A FUCKING PROBLEM " Uman. #ufc258

    29. Shakk Johnson

      u got me with the mcgregor cowboy thumbnail, u sly dog

    30. The Joe Cobra Youtube Channel

      Well, what a surprise UFC had mic problems again 25:20. Dam man, the UFC sound team needs to go lol.

    31. Aaron Marvin ConsiegliereZTZ Flavius

      Journalist:"Hey Dana! did you catched any Streamers?" Dana:"(smiles) No, no one tried to stream, there we`re threatend, and they should be. :D

    32. Jack Ford

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    33. nagy endre

      Burns is extremely dangerous! He'll be back!

    34. Angel Sanchez

      Dana swol with huge pipes

    35. J B

      Lost respect for usman after this. Won't shake hands until he gets fucked up in the first round, then is all smiles and handshakes, wins round two and it's back to mean mugging. Fuck usman, he's a million miles away from gsp in goat conversation

    36. Joshua Howard

      “I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my sh*t”-TechN9ne (Fragile)/Kamaru Usman

    37. Joshua Howard

      I felt Usman would win, I rooted for it because of how many people were against him, but I do feel bad for Gilbert Burns 😶😶 him being champ is something I wouldn’t mind seeing just so he can say he finally accomplished it 👏👏💪💪🗣🗣😤😤🤩🤩😎😎✊✊

    38. mad trigger

      Can’t fucking hear you mate

    39. Luis Mendez

      About Usman. Dana White hates him. You know why? It's because he doesn't have that cocky-arrogant-make-fans-buy-ppviews. Dana can't stand non shit talking champs. They are bad for business.

    40. Armando Hector

      11:05 stream hunting, take care my fellow streamers.

    41. Gawani Whitecrow

      Usman vs Burns, respect 🙏🏾

    42. Bryan Gan

      'Haven't seen that many great jabs, at least any that I can remember' Jose Aldo? Max Holloway? Calvin Kattar? Joanna? GSP? Stipe? Izzy? TJ? Sandhagen? The list goes on and on. There are some that aren't as great but still pretty good within their context (DC, Rory Macdonald, Jan Blachowicz, Raphael Assuncao, Cub Swanson, Justin Gaethje, etc). Point is, even with the recency bias, how can anyone around the sport say something so utterly stupid and obvious inaccurate like that in public?

    43. Chevy Thunder

      THe volume on this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay tooooooo low...

    44. Ray Kanishka

      usman great fighter but boring af to watch. no interest in watching any of his fights

    45. Eliel Ramirez

      Masvidal put up a fight with short notice. Anxious to see if they make the rematch with a full camp. But I think the only reason he is considering Masvidal is because of the big payday. The respect thing is secondary.

    46. Zach Mitchell

      Not an Usman fan but he’s definitely under appreciated. He just keeps winning. Hate on his style all you want but it’s all about dominating your opponent. Would be great to see him fight a prime GSP.

    47. Morgan Andred

      Usman is a gentleman. Khabib vs Usman would be a great fight.

    48. olivier Tardif

      usman vs khabib

    49. Brian Carpenter

      Can you add more advertisements please 🙏 Id like some Dana with the ads

    50. twnturbo2

      Khabib wants a challenge why is he not going up a weight class and fighting usman, thats a fight I want to see

    51. PhilVitCZ

      Not worth the skipping of 100 adverts lol...

    52. Splurge Splurge

      shit sound levels dana hire me ill just simply turn it up before I post it

      1. My Connect

        Bruh 😥

    53. Ken Koo

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    54. Crazy Fool

      I like this Alexa grasso lady!

    55. Ra Le Bu

      I dig the Erykah Badu reference from Usman

    56. Alma uhyu Destiny

      Kamanru Usman remain the best of all time in his division respect bro

    57. DEfan

      Twitch had some "views" of the PPV...did you bust them also?

    58. The Era

      Gilbert Burns is the man! Freaking love that dude. Kumaru has final boss status, I don't see him losing anytime soon.

    59. stringsnare

      I cant stand Usman. I find him cringe. I hope Khamzat destroy him.

    60. Schnok21

      Usman is just too strong. Boone will beat him quite soon

    61. James Buchanan

      Usman reminds me of Marvin Hagler. It took people forever to appreciate how great he was.

    62. Ellis Rochlin

      listening to the man , george st pierre from ww1, give me a break , Your a warrior in ww 2 PLEASE CALL OUT ISREAL for a ten million dollar match up , UFC 300 , P F V would break any record numbers dana can throw up

    63. G

      Macy barber is overrated that’s what she is

    64. Ellis Rochlin

      cant see any one in his weight who can take useman to the brink , if he keeps fit he could well take on the rest of the top challengers for years and it will be buisness useman as usual

    65. Ellis Rochlin

      post fight, the most overwhelming situation/site was not Useman angry with jibes of how he has been disrespected, BUT was burns who knew how tough useman is , with inconsolable crying with self dissapointment bless him, and maybe, (i dont know, a little embarrasement )

    66. CaE XTheSpartanX

      And when you try to tell people you are Real the reason is probably because you are not real, masvidal, Diaz are real

    67. CaE XTheSpartanX

      Usman comments about some being happy whit being nr 3 in the world is probably the dumbest thing i have heard, they are fighters lol, nlt like they shivering of the thought of fight you lol, not like he is a Tyson smashing everyone lol

    68. SIKWITIT

      Usman isn't the most exciting but to say he has no skill set is idiotic. He's underrated

    69. Ellis Rochlin

      DANA BLA BLA BLA , PLEASE IT WAS A LIGHTWEIGHT UFC 257 LINE UP EXCEPT main bout for 2 fighters with same manager and spar , train together. So USEMAN knew what to expect as pre fight interveiw remarks , about gilberts strenght of punch which gave gilbert 2 good minutes out of the 11 it lasted. Useman is one SUPER tough mother and took gilberts bombs extremely well. The only surprise to me and Useman i beleive, was that the killer blow would be a jab that put burns on his bum and never returned. JOHN JONES go on the heavy weight stage FOR UFC 300 lets really have something very very special , get isreal to drop a few pounds and useman to gain a few and WOW lets watch POSSIBLY THE BEST ACTIVE FIGHTERS ON THE PLANET, this would easily burn anything thats happened in covid on fight island

    70. chippahoey

      I'm an artist and I'm sensitive about my shit! @Erykah Badu.... props!!!

    71. Filip Briggs

      NGL i gained alot of respect for him after this fight, but theres something inherently unlikeable about usman

    72. Douglas Fargo

      my family watch everyone. we have ordered every ppv for the last 6 years and have never missed one and have went to 2 live, should of been 3 live but the one in new york when covid hit was cancelled

    73. Afro-Glamour Entertainment


      1. Afro-Glamour Entertainment


    74. MAC theLion


    75. Lolly Bread

      Usman is a Great Champ. He certainly has my respect.

    76. rquintero3

      Streamers weren’t streaming because they thought usman isn’t really a big name

    77. Ker Loz

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    78. Elvis Dele

      You know it’s a dominant champ went the champ has to call out the contenders

    79. Josh

      Need to get better audio! Always on these post conferences its barely audibly compared to everything else on DEfasts

      1. Lolly Bread

        Yeh the UFC press conference sound guys have been fucking up since forever. My tip to them - Learn about LUFS.

    80. Symphony Farm

      This is the way you have to be champ. None of us like the bling glasses and trash tries - When you are the dorky kind of dude that you are, is when you are the best! Dorky dude that beats the piss outa people. Legend!

    81. Jeff-Stevenson

      Usman is a complete BEASTT! He even proved again that he can take a hell of a shot! Man what a fighter

    82. Anibal Dias

      Yorubá King !!! Put respect on his name !

    83. Jake D'Angelo

      Love the tech nine reference Usman used

    84. Jane Gavin

      The problem Usman has is to be called the best welterweight in history to millions and millions of fans Gsp is the Greatest fighter ever so how can Usman go down as better he has alot more to do.

    85. Spicy Crouton

      No one gonna talk about how the thumbnail says mcgregor vs cowboy

    86. Péterson Santos

      It's Usman problem for being a boring wrestle fighter.

      1. Péterson Santos

        @Lolly Bread Yeah, I totally agree with you... I'm just happy he decided to open himself more on the standing fight, hopefully he will stick with it and not do fights with full wrestling anymore. ^^

      2. Lolly Bread

        @Péterson Santos I get bored by some wrestling too, especially if it interrupts a crackin fist fest, but wrestling (both offensive and defensive) got Kamaru to the dance and now he's a dominant champ. It's like the puzzle that was Maia and now also Jones - it's the opponents job to figure out a way - and that makes it exciting!

      3. Péterson Santos

        @Lolly Bread Yeah, now he's changing and becoming entertaining to watch... but you can blame people for thinking he's boring for two good fights, and a whole career wrestling and boring.

      4. Lolly Bread

        Riiiiiight. He tko'ed out Burns and Covington sans wrestling.

    87. Mark Andrews

      Kamaru: I'm the only African-born UFC champion Francis: Hold my beer

    88. TwentyFive

      Usman quoting Mcgregor

    89. wowdew12345

      Burns said Usman doesn’t hit hard? My guy got knocked down by a jab.😂 Also knocked him down with a straight right when it landed right.

      1. Lolly Bread

        Hehe Burns is still concussed ;)

    90. Nerijus D

      If Usman spoke less maybe he would be more appreciated and respected

    91. Nerijus D

      I think it's too soon to compare Usman to GSP. It was his 3rd title defense, still far from GSP

    92. skatchyboy

      Random 50 year old becomes oldest champion in UFC history Dana White: the kid deserved it...

    93. BloodWolf

      Usman doesn't show damage. He took some bombs and his face looks as clean and hard as steel. Same with Khabib. Some guys just have more durable faces I guess

    94. Marky mark

      All I know is Usman, khabib, Izzy, Jon Jones, Nunes consistently make me 💰. Usman's jaw is granite my money is safe!

    95. Marky mark

      Dan(stop the fight)Hardy..... shit, Usman watches my breakdowns🤣

    96. michael177

      Maycee barber was just following social distancing guidelines inside the octagon, whats the big deal ppl? she was being hygenic

    97. mugil vannan

      After the Covington and Burns fights, I can now say that Usman is kinda like Jon Jones inside the octagon, if the opponent brings the fight to them, they'll show their true potential, If not then the fight is gonna be boring/snoozefest like Usman vs. Masvidal

    98. Tam A

      Why is this reporter referring to Joe Louis? I mean there are other guys in the UFC he could draw comparisons too. Why refer to a boxer from the 40s lol

    99. Soo

      The dudes a beast... humble very respectful , extremely educated, reppin an entire continent. In the zone in the ring he’s a superstar, seriously put some respect on his name! Great fight

    100. Carl Darieus

      Why have they been taking the monster energy down lately?