UFC 259 Free Fight: Israel Adesanya vs Paulo Costa

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    A stacked UFC 259 featuring three title fights is right around the corner on Saturday, March 6. Middleweight champion Israel Adesanya will move up a weight class to take on light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz in the main event. Watch Adesanya's last title defense against Paulo Costa at UFC 253 last year on Fight Island to get ready for UFC 259.
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    1. Elliott Abrutzi

      Only person who has a chance against him is Jon , everyone else has a slim chance

    2. John Morales

      3:24 Romero? Stand still Romero...cross guard lol

    3. Sharpy

      somebody saying Yallah Yallah is the most hilarious thing I've witnessed today 😂 😂 😂 @2:59

    4. Raymund

      its so funny seeing izzy's opponents claiming he runs away. but when they get in the octagon with him, they barely throw anything lol they know how dangerous izzy is stop with the cap that izzy runs away coz he scared. yll scared foh

    5. Raymund

      in all respect to costa, he deserved that dry hump lol dude was straight up disrespectful before, during and even post fight. claiming izzy was running away. boy you barely threw a punch.

    6. Bangbang Ninergang

      Jones will sleep this guy

    7. Swagatam Debnath

      Costa had his chances to have him..he failed

    8. Lofi Lee

      Costa did ask Izzy to come on him and he did

    9. chakra bista

      Brizilian killed his fucking attitude 😉😀

    10. eduardo padilla

      wassup with the gyno?

    11. Chance&Sarah Day

      I loved every minute of the fight .

    12. Bullanguero

      *Brazilian and Nigerian get into a cage to fight* 10 minutes later: Ends in sex

    13. Danny

      1 kick to a regular person's calf and you'll drop instantly lol my God

    14. Aaron Pitts

      Super Saiyan 4

    15. Galgo //Fresh G

      Wow...jjaja nice adesanya!!great!!

    16. James Kennerley

      Paulo 1st round: I got him Paulo 2nd round: I don’t got him 🤦🏽‍♂️ 😂

    17. Tajay Mais

      That mans leg health is next level lol

    18. John Wayne

      Israel "Stays skinny asf to use reach advantage in a lower weight class and not fight" Adesanya. The guy lacks any class whatsoever as well.

    19. Richard Dickson


    20. Jesse Zitting

      “I will make him cry” lmaooo

    21. ShinReviews

      Israel literally roided to the tits

    22. Tui Tui

      When coaster think his the best 😂😂😂🤣😊, and then he cry like a baby 🍼 😂😂 now his having Israel’s baby 😂😂😂

    23. lemen

      how you gonna taunt like that and barley land any hits 💀

    24. space man

      Costa isn't even that big.

    25. kumar800

      God damn he is such a good kickboxer.

    26. Jere

      Oh nice to see young beautiful men practicing salsa together nowadays.

    27. TheMFmAcc

      Is this a rematch?

    28. My Sexy Booty Here: myvdeos•com

      I'll never get the praying mantis out of my head

    29. Patrick Magill

      Regular Wolf Tickets. Bring back Nick Diaz. I hope UFC gets remembered for profiting off that sexual assault.

    30. T Boot

      Can anybody enlighten me - what are the marks on costa's calfs from the start, before a blow/kick was landed ?

      1. T Boot

        Thanks Crist. Never seen that before.

      2. Crist M

        Its called hacamat -- to help regeneration

    31. i will jack hammer you

      Cost should of been very aggressive with tons of pressure.. A longer fight goes not so good for Costa.. Those leg kicks ate Costa up... He just got picked apart until he was nothin.. Costa is way better off just going in there to be a beast an straight whoop ass.. He didn't do that so he lost.. He didn't pull the trigger at all.. Easier said then done I know.. But he really needed to go hard..

    32. gtav Or

      Anytime paul felder says "now hes gonna go back to the leg" someone gets ko'd Examples this fight and the mcgregor poirior fight lol

    33. aaron m

      his movement is insane the moment you think you got him cornered its a trap and its already to late because hes working on a counter to what your doing with a crazy combo coming shortly after from all angles his fight iq is unreal

    34. Junior Linville

      Who’s here after costa vs Bobby knuckles?

    35. Marty Dobrek

      The quack kendo corroboratively wreck because handle potentially mend inside a ill-fated nerve. clammy, likeable sail

    36. omar elaraby

      Israel is the Michelangelo of UFC

    37. Tom Anderson

      LOL at Acosta's leg 45 seconds into round one 😆😆😆

    38. Rob Banks

      Lol- wtf was that obnoxious dancing at the end. Then he goes in for the kiss on the cheek? Weird. And finally “fastest man in the world baby” Yea a little arrogant bud?

    39. J F

      Izzy took the win and Costas manhood 😂😂😂

    40. Cat Likepizza Gaming

      Costa wouldn’t have been able to walk for a week after this fight and I don’t mean because of the humping Izzy gave him at the end

    41. J Simo

      i saw a poll i think on mmaunderground where the asked about the fastest fighters in the UFC. Izzy wasn't even in the discussion. which i thought was weird, considering i think he is the fastest guy. example question mark kick @ 4:35

    42. Dr. W.H. Ale

      God I hate Brazilians so much

    43. chocotastic1

      That leg is BASURA. Absolute Basura!

    44. SMHTM

      I still cant believe that people thought this was going to be a close one

    45. Randuser465

      Bro I didn’t realize the freaking bruises till 3 minutes in ouch

    46. RB

      It should be a prerequisite for UFC fighters to watch all of the old fights with bullshit taunting like what Costa was doing. So cringey and boring to watch...

    47. Liam J

      That mangled leg...

    48. Akb Bka

      Imagine if Jan lands those body kicks too 😊

    49. Isaac Pais

      Haters mad because fighters dont try to close the distance when they fight Adesanya...9:52 its what happen when you close the distance...

    50. Frako Mirccon


    51. Rafih Mahfooz

      Israel is a good fighter. He plays with the opponent’s mind. He doesn’t have the strength to beat someone without the fancy faints. If his opponent was faster with his hands, Israel would’ve been knocked out. You need a Khabib for this kind of fight where he bear hugs you and won’t let go until you know you lost.

    52. Sean Markil

      The aggressive skate objectively guard because cardboard serendipitously harm mid a lovely action. juicy, well-made ring

    53. Шелковый Бомбила

      Тот самый русский комментарий, который ты ищешь

    54. Jack Boyd

      damn he really made #1 look unranked this fight

    55. LVMH Quatar


    56. jack757

      Adysanya fight like the adc's in league of legends deal so much dmg without let any body toching him

    57. Eliyah Thurman

      Man if you look at costa expression after the first round till the end of the fight he looks so confused/worried like he has no idea what's going on. He is literally biting on EVERY FAKE the worst one is at 9:12 izzy like does a bunch of steps/small stomps like he's rushing in, and Costa literally just stands there and covers up cause he has no idea where his about to get hit from LMAO . Mans was doing so much trash talk and got trashed lmaooooo

    58. Ryo Matachi

      Adesanya rules

    59. Tommaso Friz

      How are they the same weight, I don’t get it

    60. Tim Johnson

      Costas leg was already bruised before the first leg kick was thrown, must have been from sparring?

    61. Arnold Dibanzila bilanga makofi

      Force 📺👊💪👍🍍🍏🍌🍓

    62. Mohamed Mansouri

      I remember watching this match and wondering if costa was drunk

    63. Remy Stones

      5 million people have already watched Costa get humped.

    64. mim chanel

      Dun vs akh defasts.info/title/video/dqOYiqqnioHcqs0.html

    65. cam stev

      Imagine being teabagged in real life. Costa will never gain the respect he once had.

    66. Mark

      10:12 this setup was so clean

    67. Diggy D

      Paolo Costa should stop doing biceps 💪 curls and actually start training strikes

    68. Colby Blakely

      Come Through and get humped up we are from New Zealand where the men are men and the sheep are scared!!!

    69. P.C. Racing

      Looks like the very first fight for Costa straight up garbage acting like a fcking clown

    70. P.C. Racing

      6:38 what are you talking about bruises yes in the side of the knee yes ,but lower no they were there before the fight started

    71. Matias Asconeguy Raco


    72. Kratos Spartanec

      Красаучик 🤪

    73. Deandre Pitchford

      It’s funny it’s still people who watch that Romero and Israel fight and still blame Izzy for the performance 😂😂

    74. Luis Arizmendi

      10:00 "move move" great advice dumbass

    75. Game of bloody

      Israel Told Me He Is Going To Smash this guy And He Did !!!!

    76. BeastMode Doyle

      The most blatant use of PED's in the history of professional sports

      1. First Last

        He never tested positive for anything as far as I know of. If guys like Jon Jones and TJ Dillashaw have positive results and the fans find out about it, I doubt Israel's results wouldn't come to surface as well. Point being you have no concrete proof he cheated.

    77. Odj Uw

      The daily november systemically correct because mistake partially welcome afore a cheerful interest. sad, glib client

    78. The War Room

      dude adesanya would get destroyed if costa would have got him down

      1. Ethan Quirk

        And in what world was Costa getting him down? Shoulda, woulda, coulda

    79. 박학수

      너무 일찍 말렸어~ 더 오래 진학한 구타가 이어져야 했었어

    80. Nick Diaz

      They’re all on steroids

    81. uavthz1 lf


    82. Jeremiah Mitchell

      4:51 costa thought izzy wasnt that fast 😂🤣🤦🏾‍♂️

    83. O V


    84. Andy Mandy

      Hump 9:58

    85. Panic Rabbit

      Costa looked like a con man in this fight with all the fake confidence.

    86. Nabil Abdulrashid

      Jan isn’t that much bigger than Costa

    87. Олег Бадмаев


    88. Themilio xperience

      I would love to see Adesanya vs Usman at some point. To me Adensanya is the best in the sport unless Khabib returns. 1 and 2 easily. Usman 3rd and y’all can fill in the blanks after that. But Adensanya’s IQ is through the roof

      1. Ethan Quirk

        Usman said he refused to fight Adesanya. Won’t even consider entering the division so long as Adesanya is champion

    89. Themilio xperience

      I can see the Jan fight going like this as well. Unless he can check those kicks. It’s over

    90. QBG Tv

      Took his legs away from him lol

    91. QBG Tv

      Separate the boys from men

    92. 김형철

      동 체급에서 아데산야 이길라면 로메로처럼 해야한다

    93. Sascha Kaschirin

      5:04 the moment where he had the chance to rip that head off but hesitated to much

    94. Demented Warrior

      Wow man that leg was done crap


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    96. Delzen Derange

      all of costas showboating and acting like adesanyas strikes weren’t fazing him just to get knocked the fuck out and rawdogged 😂

    97. NastyAngel

      he put him in a body bag💀

    98. ayanda Shakes

      After seeing what Costa does to his opponents. One has to give Izzy his credit and in full 🇿🇦🇿🇦

    99. Igor Morilov

      Один из самых отстойных боёв, что я видел. 2 раунда ходили кривлялись, а потом один из них упал от удара который не попал. А в финале рефери остановил не понять почему... Великий чемпион Адесанья...

      1. Ghostface 7

        You don't know what you are watching..perhaps it's not a good sport for you

    100. Aldenis Veitia

      la pele mas mala d la historia deberian devolver el dinero