UFC 259: Blachowicz vs Adesanya - 3 Title Fights | Official Trailer

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    A championship tripleheader will have the entire sports world tuned in for UFC 259 on March 6. In the main event, middleweight champion Israel Adesanya will attempt to make history when he challenges Jan Blachowicz for the light heavyweight title. With a win, “The Last Stylebender” will become just the fifth fighter in UFC history to hold two divisional titles simultaneously. One of those fighters already in the record books, Amanda Nunes, will defend her featherweight crown against surging Australian contender Megan Anderson in the UFC 259 co-main event. And opening up this trio of title fights will be a showdown between bantamweight king Petr Yan and number one contender Aljamain Sterling.
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    1. Yo Man

      Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to stream the fights illegally on his phone WHILE sitting in the crowd and watching it live.

    2. Chulung Xiong

      What’s the song tho???

    3. Mezlekia Tebebe

      Adesanya 3rd round Yan 1st round Anderson 4th round

    4. AcidGlow

      Really exciting set of fights on this one.

    5. unarammer

      ALJO easy victory...


      jan by ko EASY MONEY🤣

    7. Muhammad Kafil

      Roman Reigns🙌🙌

    8. Roy Agung

      Jean will win

    9. Philip Kim

      People are sleeping on Jan Blachowicz. He is highly underrated. He is strong in clinch and hits like a truck. However, don't let that hinder your judgement on his ability to manage the distance and his calculative approach in striking.

    10. Francis The Predator 2.0

      Listen, this thing is trending to be the trendiest trend that's ever trended. I'm talking floyd v Manny territory. If your not excited it's cause I'm keeping an eye on your illegal stream- Dana "the stream cop" White

    11. Avnish Stuntologist

      This is going to be a banger 💥

    12. Jammari Ulep

      Yes baby

    13. Johnny Versachi

      😛 😛 😝

    14. jayren gallardo


    15. Greippi Granaattiomena

      I want Jan, Amanda and Yan to win

    16. MR. daddy

      I’m excited to watch this FIgNt

    17. Dr shayan

      Adenseya has one loss in kickboxing

    18. Bad Influence


    19. Ady Surya Irawan

      Adesanya campion👍👍

    20. phoenix1994dryheat

      I can’t wait for this!

    21. Jasper Logopati

      U gonna win dox, out smart him💪🏾 Nz represent! Smoke him and call out Jones out of retirement lol

    22. JOD3N

      bet 1000$ Isreal nunes Yan

    23. CalmaZoz

      I'm scared of Jan but Izzi all the way since day one...win or lose imma Stylebender fan for life... lets get this party started💪

    24. the magic chanch shell

      I cant wait for the rip joe rogan experience

    25. J OE

      Song name anyone!!!!!

      1. Atomic 3301

        @J OE anytime brother🤙

      2. J OE

        @Atomic 3301 my man!!!! Thanks brother 🔥

      3. Atomic 3301

        Black Hydra & Easy Mccoy - Legend

    26. VIZON-ARY productions

      Something tells me that usman will move up to middleweight since Izzy moved up to LHW . mark my words ! 2/24/21

    27. TJ J

      I am taking a loan for this one for sure....It deserves to be watched on HD....

    28. DaevonTheSavage

      Megan Anderson might get sent to the Gulag. Izzy vs Jan IS THE GULAG Petr vs Aljo are the last remaining 2

    29. Warren Dunn

      Sorry but Megan Anderson don't stand a chance. I think Amanda gets her outta there in the third by TKO. AND STILL

    30. King ‘

      Izzy is gonna run straight through Jan, I’m sleeping 100% on Jan he will not win.

    31. Ragnar 05

      Yan vs AJ and you cap of the night with Izzy vs Yan man take my money NOW .

    32. Randy Boisa

      Gonna buy this card!!!!!!!!!

    33. Paolo

      "You gonna taste the legendary Polish power" - Poland to Nazi German, 31 August 1939

      1. Green Style


    34. biju painkal

      Will the countdown and embedded start already

    35. Re!gn

      I keep getting goosebumps whenever I watch this. Holy shit I can't wait.

    36. DnThn DnThn


    37. DnThn DnThn

      ztylebender lets go

    38. DnThn DnThn

      cant wait for this

    39. adil shah

      Dana aint kidding around ehhh

    40. Kaite Mangyao

      Damn, i’m excited..One of the best title card all time, how y'all feeling about these fights like?

    41. Manga 123

      Aleksandar Rakic💪💪🚀🚀

    42. TatsumakiSenpuu Kyaku

      Imagine those epic slow-mo promo of Kamaru "My job is to hug my opponent until the fight is over"Usman stomping on Masvidal's toes. XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD

    43. Rogger T

      Excelente esas peleas no me la pierdo para nada

    44. Dracula D

      Jan, Amanda and Peter yan

      1. Dracula D

        @Jeremiah Mitchell Na Na!!! All i m saying is if he fights the way he fought Yoel and Costa then he might win... But if he fights like he fought Kelvin then he is doomed!!! Let's see what happens in the fight

      2. Jeremiah Mitchell

        @Dracula D yall are so dumb is unreal izzy did more than calf kicks . Those feints were spot on, him switching stances at the perfect time, that alone only a few people can do really well

      3. Dracula D

        @Jeremiah Mitchell No I didn't!!! If Kelvin Gastelum can get him hurt then Jan can definitely get him too. But if Adesanya plays safe by kicking calf kicks over n over then he might have a chance...

      4. Jeremiah Mitchell

        I think you missed spelled Israel

    45. Anthony Rocha

      Amanda will crush another weak opponent.

    46. Japhia Tamar

      Adesanya Nunes Sterling are my picks 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

    47. Kaynm

      Dana White is gonna make so much money on this and so am I

    48. Capronic2 Dethroned

      Dana : payperviews 😵

    49. Andrew Scott

      5 belts, 4 champs, 3 fights

    50. Julio Mendes

      Illégal streamer 👀😂

    51. Be3st Boxing

      StyleBender And New

    52. spook show

      Israel is going to sleep.

    53. aniswar lax

      Please fucking bring pay per views to more countries it’s too fucking hard to get vpns and foreign credit cards to watch this stuff, make your fans life easier

    54. Miqdad Maulana

      "he gonna feel the legendary Polish power!" 😶

      1. Green Style

        No no no, he loses

    55. AD on the low 低広告

      This card is S T A C K E D

    56. Spencer Bean

      If izzy beats jab he should fight winner of stipe fransis 2

    57. FONTS Makakea

      Were is this happening fight island???

    58. Harial Ansorilham

      Holy smoke man

    59. Andrey Vtr

      Go Polska!!! good luck!!

    60. Aivarioha

      Ronda Rousey could beat half of Men's 135 division - Joe Rogan

      1. ProTon

        Prime rousey probably could yes

    61. Eckhard Block

      ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Song 2021: > THE CHANGE < defasts.info/title/video/ZK6acbjVqGfYqJY.html :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    62. Jacob Jacob

      Anyone knows the song?

    63. NBA TAKES

      March 6th is my Birthday. Best present EVER!!!!!!

    64. DiscretShadowTTG

      Wait so there's gonna be three titles fight in one day on March 6th?

    65. MMA M. P. S

      21.0 izzy 🔥🔥🔥

    66. Tha Truth

      HOLY FUCK!!!!

    67. Victorien LeQuartz

      What s the soundtrack please 🙏?

      1. Victorien LeQuartz

        @mmadigest thanks 🤜🤛

      2. mmadigest

        Legend by Black Hydra and Easy McCoy

    68. Aleksandrs Popovs

      They cuddle themselves for a living

    69. Coty Hanlin

      Can we talk about how Izzy is 9 fights from tying Khabib...lol

    70. David McCann

      This is about to be The Best birthday present!

    71. Michal Znamenacek


      1. Michal Znamenacek

        @mmadigest thanks

      2. mmadigest

        Legend by Black Hydra and Easy McCoy

    72. Isaam Javid

      cmon isreal adensanya

    73. young murzyn

      team błachowicz

    74. Jeremiah Mitchell

      Whats funny is no matter what everyone still leaves with belts if izzy lose or Amanda lose

    75. Rudy Chamorro

      We want more!!!!!

    76. Before The Bell Podcast

      Top 10 Amanda Nunes KOs 💪 defasts.info/title/video/lNWHpKq_i4qyl7s.html

    77. Max2200

      pretty sure Jan is 1-0 against mw champs...

    78. eRaZe Levityy_x

      This card has absolutely everything, can't wait for this one

    79. TwinStax

      card so stacked even the streamers will feel guilty for streaming this one

    80. Faizaan Ebrahim

      This promo was sick 🔥

    81. Aman

      Paulo Costa vs Cannonier, make it happen already!

    82. E Miller

      If Adesanya can get this his greatness will be undeniable.....but I'm thinking it will be an uphill battle?

    83. khaza

      I dont drink but ill down a 6 pack just to be hype af for this one

    84. Juan Mo

      Come on gogogo Adesanya fake fighter IS a Jump man

    85. Rama Ramadhan

      This is The One of The Best Card Event!! im so excited!

    86. Kung Kobra

      This fight will be like the isreal vs romero. ppv? nope

    87. ipewu

      Whats the song

      1. kv kp

        Legend by black hydra and easy mc Coy

    88. Kuleschov

      Im waiting for Janek and Amanda :)

    89. Gleny Garcia


    90. terry lewis

      Izzy is going to elude/blachowicz -January's- Jan's Polish power with slickness and speed.

    91. 陳先生

      I think it’s time for Anthony Johnson to come back .....I can't think of anyone else who can stop him in division today.

    92. Ash L Ball

      Will this be ppv on bt box office?

    93. derick belair

      Izzy is to quick

    94. Arecki Swiss

      Izzy will feel Polish power. Polish power is hussars, heavy cavalry from the 16th and 17th centuries not defeated by 200 years of service. Did you know about it? Now you know.

    95. Jhon Snow

      5 days and this trailer did not reach million view yet ? Cant understand !


      I don't know which one is the best, the trailer or the background music

    97. uchiha i kant

      I’d pay $100 for this card

    98. Andy Tablas

      It’s actually 5 champions not 4.

    99. Ivan Perisic

      Blachowicz vs adesanya is one of the best possible fights but Santos vs Rakic is also so fucking great .

    100. Heloisa Tavares

      Amanda nunes 💪💪💪