UFC 259 Free Fight: Jan Blachowicz vs Dominick Reyes

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    Light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz faces middleweight champion Israel Adesanya in the main event of UFC 259 on Saturday, March 6. Watch Blachowicz claim the light heavyweight belt at UFC 253 last year against Dominick Reyes.
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    1. Jon

      Jan has scary power for sure, but I'd be surprised if he could land any of these strikes on Izzy.

    2. Mr Burton

      Dom wakes up.. Yea well, im still THE PEOPLES CHAMP 😂

    3. Benedict Badminton

      holy shit dominicks nose went sideways

    4. jeffery wade

      All his movements are Predictable , Repetitive! Issy will pick him apart with Speed , Accuracy and Movement..

    5. Romes Republic

      Yeah, Jan is strong, but i think he might be too slow to catch Israel. However if he does manage to land, i doubt Israel will be able to weather many.

    6. allballsn4skin

      i like watching this guy get beat down

    7. Dr. Acula

      Dear MMA gods, please help Jan do the exact same thing to Lizzy Lol no but seriously, Jan hits hard af. Even the ones Reyes blocked sounded painful. And those left kicks to the body.. it looks like he got hit with a baseball bat 10 times 😵

    8. Daniel Thompson

      God bless Poland. One of the few Reasonably Governed countries left on Earth!

    9. alejandro Preciado

      Izzy is not going to circle toward Jan's power hand when blitzed at, like Reyes did which is what got him clapped. In all honesty i'm rooting for Jan but it isn't going to be a straight forward win like this one. I can see Izzy winning a boring point fight against Jan, I can also see Jan KOing a tired adesanya with ground and pound, or the polish power one hitter quitter. Toss up with Adesanya as a slight favorite to win by decision.

    10. Snortch Gortch

      Reyes has a pretty good chicken dance!

    11. Snortch Gortch

      That kick left a massive mark. I’m sure he felt that weeks later 😳

    12. Snortch Gortch

      I am seriously impressed with how far Jan has come. What a heart, he just continues to push himself to become the best!

    13. Samuel Lock

      Hail Hail Jan Blachowicz. Long live the king.

    14. Matias Asconeguy Raco

      You can say by that little noise at 0:12 Anik thinking "este pelotud0..."

      1. Matias Asconeguy Raco

        I will dance in a second, zokete.

    15. Monscent

      Dunno why the hell Reyes was standing still this fight. Zero of the movement he had vs Jones.

    16. Smashingtube

      just imagine if jon jones would take this guy serious

    17. Leo

      Reyes’ shorts look like a vagina giving birth to a grown man.

    18. Daddy Boy

      Izzy got a fight on his hands.

    19. Spedition pflaum Piszer


    20. Slimmer Elk

      A bit early but I feel like Reyes was going to lose anyways

    21. SirLencer Beats

      Izzy can KO Jan in round 3 with smart game plan. Jan has power but his fight IQ and defence is much lesser of Izzy.

      1. Negros are Inferior

        All you fanboys kiss your Daddy Adesanya's feet Jan Blachowicz koed Dominick Reyes a 6'4 light heavyweight there is no way Adesanya is winning who is a middleweight

    22. Space Penguin

      They dont want white champions.

    23. da_ig_nit_guat

      Jan would knock out jones

      1. da_ig_nit_guat

        @Muyanzi Reid jan knocked out a fighter who merked jon Jones

      2. Muyanzi Reid

        Jon Jones would be double legging Jan every two minutes just like Alexander Gustafsson did😂😂😂


      What a fight!

    25. Benjamin Blaine

      If you are izzy Jan's power has to scare you a bit. Punches and kicks.

    26. Hassan Haider

      Both fighters are aware that Izzy can't afford to make a mistake, whilst Jan can. What that means is there is quite a bit more pressure going into this fight for Izzy. His mental game needs to be better than it's ever been. Everyone knows he has the striking ability to win by decision at the very least, however for that, he'll have to remain in such a state of concentration throughout the whole 5 rounds and not get deceived by a single faint, level change or approach by Jan. And yes he's done that before against Romero but there's even more on the line for him. The fight will boil down to whether Izzy stays composed. Not who has better skill, power or any other attribute.

    27. Johnny Zed

      Jan looks like a real life version of the 'yes chad' meme

    28. Irving Salas

      10:59 When I arrive late to my house and my wife is ready to hit me jaja

    29. Irving Salas

      10:57 Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum jaja

    30. ogul

      At 9:54, I am like: "What happened to Dominick's nose bruv?!? It was fine in the beginning" -starts rewinding...

    31. Benjamin Richard

      Jan made his opponent look like he got damaged by a frying pan 🍳

    32. Wes Troop

      Oooo the "stylebutthole" better watch himself

    33. Paragon of Growth

      I was so disappointed with reyes this fight. His defense and counters looked like garbage compared to his previous fights

    34. Dra Dikketrip

      Early stoppage.... oh man

    35. Aruna Nayak

      By seeing this I can say IZZY will win

    36. thetruth 1

      I am scare for Izzy bro lol.. I want Izzy to win but damn, if he get caught.. that's night night for him.

    37. Chulumanco Ngotyana

      I don't know how many times I've watched this fight. Izzy better watch out for that left high kick. Jan knows how to set it up💪👌

    38. The Man

      He might slow on his feet but the dude throws bombs in that ring

    39. G R

      Dominick Reyes 🤥

    40. Richard Rowlinson

      He's come a long way from the poor performance against Patrick Cummins

    41. Bigclutchking

      Im the kind of guy who is dumb enough to fight anyone. But Blachowicz scares me by just looking at him. What an absolute beast.

    42. Filip Klekowski


    43. Amogh Thorave

      Its surprising how fast Jan throws those hooks while in a short range. Clinch situation Jan KOs literally anybody.

    44. Opening GT

      9:10 That counter left uppercut was sharp af. Anyone would get knocked out if that landed to em

    45. Kyle Hart

      Felder and Anik is a criminally underrated commentary team.

    46. EPJarvis 1

      Jan literally punched his nose to the side of his face wtf

    47. Ezra Talley

      After rewatching this fight, i think Jan is in trouble vs izzy. His footwork seemed simple or something

    48. Arur Du

      Super , walka

    49. Eliseo Rodriguez

      Reyes got all that fuckin torso, shoulda expected the kicks to the body 😂

    50. LadyC Blu

      No matter the outcome, Jan vs Izzy is going to be one hell of a fight. I feel like Izzy is going to rely on leg kicks like he always does; I just hope Jan has an answer for it.

    51. Amorphous

      0:06 spelled the end. Legend has it, if you don’t shake Jan’s hand when he raises it the beast within is rocked from its deep slumber and won’t rest until it rips the soul from your body. Take notes Izzy

    52. Ginga-dna

      Reyes ribs man Da fuck

    53. MRnass messi


    54. Epac Russell

      Snoozzze Fest

    55. D.J.

      I want jan to win but im kinda worried adesanya might use those lower leg kicks like he did with costa and completely disable jan

    56. Michaels garden

      jans too slow and mechanical to beat izzy he has the same body and.movement ofgolota

    57. Tasfiya Jahan

      The simple april broadly object because albatross natively encourage below a redundant ankle. venomous, bewildered run

    58. morawa1987

      Did you notice Dana White didn't see the knockout in the background because he was playing with the phone? :) 11:02

    59. aleksander Okonek

      The sloppy actress basally provide because nylon perioperaively float given a mixed control. puzzling, magenta lion

    60. Aleksandar Markovic

      I love that chicken dance man

    61. RyMac 117

      Jan will beat Adesanya

    62. Semir D

      The way Reyes went down is scary man. Izzy has a fight on his hands, they hit different in this division.

    63. Ryan 08


    64. Yellow Hello

      Reyes doesn't even look like a Champ. Not fast, too slim/lanky, no impactful combinations and no visible hunger. Reyes lost the fight before it even began. Jan's real challenge is Israel, now that's a MUST WATCH fight!

    65. Eric

      I think Adesanya will beat Blachowicz, but I hope Blachowicz doesn't make it easy for him the way Costa did

    66. Patryk Proscinski

      No chance for Izzy

    67. Digress xZynC

      Oh man. The fight with Izzy is gonna be insane.. Holy shit

    68. Anton Tisemite

      That KO was too satisfying

    69. Unt0t3n209

      Damn that was entertaining AF! Good fight fellers

    70. B4rt3k Figur4


    71. Ahmed HD

      And that’s the guy they said he beat Jon Jones

    72. PKS

      Dom's stands look like Tom hardy's

    73. Diddy

      Watch him vs Israel be like the fight Israel had with Yoel and by that I mean boring asf 🤕

    74. Matthew Osterman

      Insane fight

    75. i will jack hammer you

      Fight was stopped to early.. He was protecting himself... Just saying you got to let em fight cause anything can play out... These are fighters man..

    76. stone cold

      Looks like 2 completely different weight classes

    77. Shawnonsens3

      aww i wanted to see reyes standing up there with that nose sideways at the end lmao he got rocked!!!

    78. NYG1991

      Man, that left hand was like a hammer. He just clobbered Reyes with it. I don't even think Reyes knew were he was at that point.

    79. G R

      Athletic Crash Bandicoot slayed by Witcher Jan for a mere pocketchange of coin

    80. Nick Wainit

      is he good in ufc 4



    82. SB4 Christ_777

      Looks like Blachovitch is the younger brother of Miotich

    83. Mask

      I'll be supporting Jan against Izzy and I think he's an amazing fighter, but I really hope he goes into that fight with a different gameplan. He needs to go heavy on kicks and wrestling to create opportunities for his hands. If he charges in with combos like he has in the past, I have no doubt Izzy will counter and sleep him.

      1. Ryan

        Should be a good one!

    84. THINGY

      so Jan was in top form for this fight... he better be in top form +++ for IZ

    85. brysonz

      Jan looks like he kicked a hole in the side Reyes. Wow

    86. Adam VeIez Marcum

      Hey ref- do me a favor and don't ever say "let's dance" again alright

      1. THINGY

        ..and I second the motion.

    87. Brdigma

      Jan is cool but Izzy is going to be way too quick for him

      1. THINGY

        Jan better show up with his A+++ game

    88. jlindo123

      I just noticed if you look at Reyes' body his elbows fall to just a little over his waist so while minuscule it is a little hard to guard his side when his hands are up, Jan on the other hand has a shorter torso so his elbows fall perfectly at his side giving him a better guard for his body. Not super important but something I noticed.

    89. Indiana Doug

      Am I the only one that read the description? I’m dead😆

    90. EZwA

      domanik is quite good, bt that nIt, the other man had the rubREr mind, which LoOd him to put mOr w8 in2 some strIks, allowing him to set up a rubRE lFt punch(rubRE punches not his strong suit, but the rubREr mNtLiT/attitUd allowed it to B set up)..rubRenS... thats wat it all comes doOn 2🖐️☹️

    91. Admaja Bangun

      jan's left leg would be next izzy target

    92. Benja Costa L

      keep my words: this man is gonna be the first loss on izzy's record

    93. Faithful Niners Fan

      Happy for jan but it's a quick stoppage.

    94. Jody Lowe

      Great polish power did what John Jones couldnt do.

    95. Jayson Iorg

      Jan seems to be brutally strong and powerful. Dude has some serious genetic gifts.

    96. Renaldo Matadeen

      This ref does not watch Mario Yamaski

    97. Aaron Pitts

      Well done Jan

    98. Mike Przlomski

      Polish power 😉

    99. Double G

      10:00 RIP Dom's nose

    100. Double G

      4:10 I would have died