UFC 259 Look Ahead - Blachowicz vs Adesanya

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    Look ahead to the main event of UFC 259 on March 6 between light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz and middleweight champion Israel Adesanya.
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    1. Brian St.bernard

      Adesanya can't beat jon jones

    2. Rasty Krasty

      I think alesanya dream will be destroyed by poland power 😂🇸🇰🇸🇰😬🤩

    3. Lily Teegan

      I am 99% Izzy gonna win and I already feel bad for Jan

    4. Kobe

      Izzy will make it look Izzy, y'all will see

    5. jeffery wade

      Jon fought the same four guys twice..Issy just beat them all.No repeat fights, Now he is moving up to fight the champion.. All with no drug enhancement.. In my eyes he surpassed Jones already!

    6. Black Listed

      I’ve watched this video 200 times now

    7. Chusa Jones Siwale

      Am nervous for Izzy 😂

    8. KS Official

      Jano odlączy czarneckiego od swiadomosci na troche hehe Izzy przezyzyje smierc kliniczna hehe

    9. Achilles MMA

      I want Jan to win but he is not winning this one. Adesanya is too much for him.

    10. S T

      Israel's the next Luke

    11. Jeremiah Mitchell

      Time to get a poland scalp lets goo

    12. LJ7

      I have no clue for this one

    13. Goku. Fraquinho

      Go Blachowicz 🇧🇷

    14. Zen

      Israel out cold rd 4

    15. MONOLIT22


    16. Savi

      Izzy will get knocked down with left hook of Jan.. Who agry me ..let's c...Jan will win for sure ..👍👍👍

    17. NoLabel Noise

      Wow. Jan is going to be much more of a challenge than most of us seem to realize. Imagine Costa being in the UFC for many more years and coming back to face Izzy with all of that massive knockout power condensed over time into shorter nightmarish KO jabs and knowing what it's like to LOSE. That is basically JAN. This is gonna be a WAR.

    18. Julio Mendes

      if the fight goes to the third round, Izzy will surely win 🤞☝

    19. Kia Dasht


    20. Rudinho NWO

      Janek 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

    21. Faraz

      A cheetah vs a Leopard.

    22. BASHTUBE

      OH MY GOD UFC is different league 🔥🔥🔥

    23. Nova Alifianda

      Jan blahowfic my faforite

    24. Comedy time بالعربي

      I think this is the first time we see izzy sleeping on ufc’s octagon floor mark my words

    25. HOMKiNG H7K

      No matter who gonna win, Ngannou gonna smashed smashed everyone, first Miocic And later? Israel I think, but my heart is with Jan.

    26. Paul Mill

      Izzy IS the best in the world!

    27. ikye pankaro

      I'm the best in the world. ✌

    28. Filip B

      Izzy never faced guy like Jan, not even close. Kelvin made him look funny and ugly after boxing with him. Kelvin aint strong not even fast like Jan, Jan is x2 Kelvin... People are soooooo crazy for Izzy just because he is trash talker and dancing arround like crazy dude. "I aint going up, give me 2 years Jon" 1 year later "Okay, im moving up cos Jon left 205" Fuck Izzy. Jan 🙌🙌🙌

    29. Piero Salsa

      Inam a izzy fan but this blach guy has not impressed me but thats what concerns me he is not bragging he is the best he seems like a regular guy and usually people like that are more than they portray

      1. Mateusz Mrozinski

        You are very correct my friend. He is very humble guy that doesnt chat shit and just doeas what needs to be done. People are saying that Izi has done a lot in 2 years but they seem to forget how tought way he went through to become champion.

    30. Kerem Yılmaz

      Probably best card of the year but everybody know which fighters take the belts after the night

    31. Estafador De Chinos

      Is real Adesanya

    32. shubham rana

      We are living in the last style benders world...witness it

    33. Ron is my name

      Best Promo. Gives me chills every time I watch it.

    34. kai burke

      I’m an Izzy fan but jan is on another level jan will win this fight with a KO.Come back to this comment and like it when I’m right

      1. kai burke

        Thed Clifford shullup you waseman

      2. Thed Clifford

        You're no Izzy fan bro

    35. James Ty

      Khamzat Chimaev is coming

    36. Oskar Fajne

      0:49 KURWA !

    37. Kaite Mangyao

      I extremely want Izzy to win, bruh he is too good to be beaten. But, Jan got that power though Izzy got that head movement and really good at keeping opponents at range.Do y'all think Jan might take Izzy down at the ground cuz I ain't seen Izzy been taken down before..

    38. Alexius Alex

      Wow,can"t wait this war

    39. Miaouss Yonko

      Blachiwucz can t win he has no chance of winning that's for sure ...


      lets see who can handle the heat

    41. Gabriel Troche

      I want Jan to win but most likely Izzy will win. He’s way faster than Jan but Jan catches him it’s over

      1. Misiix

        I'm also going for jan. But I think he can catch izzy once. If he hits the same shot he hit on dom it's over. Jan in round 2.

      2. Owen Rigby

        @Lil Ellie As awesome as that would be, only one man is walking away with the W and its probably gonna be a finish either way.

      3. Lil Ellie

        @Yk Onit would be insane that Israel would be a two time champ in the Ufc but it's too real and way too fast to be at that stage in his career just yet still needs Jonny coke Jones under his belt aswell

      4. Yk On

        @Smoky That fight would be close, Both are crazy good.

      5. Smoky

        @Yk On Jonny bones has entered the chat

    42. Prayush Rajbhandari

      Jan will KO that Son of a Bitch.. Jan is all rounded fighter he can submit you and hit KO also. Jan is not Costa, Romero Izzy fan be like he can't be touched Robert, Kelvin,romero , Marvin and other fighters don't have enough power to ko him that's why he is still champ

    43. Szachista

      Jan will destroy this boy

    44. Scott Kain

      Izzy really is a fight Genius. His precision and counter striking are ELITE. But Jan really is the hardest hitter Izzy has ever faced, and he's not just gonna sit there like Costa or Romero. This is very interesting. May the best man win, bottom line.

    45. Adam Michalak

      ???? Pozdrawiam PL

    46. Bonus Hujadający

      Israel ``Adesanya Israel`` Adesanya!

    47. Nina malkova

      shorturl.ca/urflirtyjoyhot17 みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• ·̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン TANTA BEYEZAS QUE DIOS A HECHO EN ETE MUNDO ASERE Y DISEN QUE DIOS ES MALO SI DIOS ES MALO NADIE ES BUENO ASERE MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!今後は気を付けないとねy

    48. Harry Senna

      If jan wants to win, he has not fall for the feinting game of israel and establish distance and good leg kicks,work his body and not aim for his head as much.And mix in the takedowns to throw him off his rhyme and flow.

    49. Fatih K.

      Khabib vs İsrael!!!

    50. Radek Fiala

      Prochazka will knock both of them out

    51. jonatncis

      major voice crack from izzy

    52. Lil Ellie

      Israel and khabib represent the 2 gods of the UFC

    53. Enzo88

      I like Izzy, he is a great fighter but JAN will knock him out. AND STILL!!!

    54. Daniel Braz vannucci

      Tomara que blachowicz acabee com l adesanya. ESSA fama tem que acabar

    55. ηїεğяžεçžňŷ Ķσт

      Ciężko będzie Jankowi

    56. Bela Feher

      Who is the best? Israel shows it...

    57. Lah Htoo

      Now on, I knew it exactly that Adesanya going down. I’m not the fighter but watch my comment and you’ll know later!

    58. Złotti

      defasts.info/title/video/hKiDg9rVmIbKkq8.html. Future UFC?

    59. pete kowalski

      Izzy “ the gyno boy” Adesanya

    60. FONTS Makakea

      Izzy got this

    61. kobie camp

      If Izzy beats Jan he would have beaten the guy who beat the other guy(Reyes) that many think beat Jon Jones. So in that sense he would have also beaten Jon Jones.

      1. kobie camp

        @ProTon Dude, I'm just having fun with this sh*t. I know styles make fights. But I still wanted to mention it.

      2. ProTon

        No because MMA math has never worked. What a casual mindset.

    62. Brad G

      Izzy is a good fighter, but I don't think he's gonna beat Jan. Jan's gonna move forward and push the fight with his power. He's not gonna be stupid like whittaker and stay at Izzy's range. Too many ppl are sleeping on Jan.

    63. Gersi T

      Yan is wrong..he, never fight with someone like Adesanya before.he its heavypunchers for brakefast..and thats a fact...you know the names...

    64. Brad Colby

      We will see the best Izzy yet

    65. TV do povo notícias

      Adesanya Champion

    66. Lorgan

      Derrick Lewis would KO them both, lol

    67. Kaynm

      That commentator’s voice can cure anxiety

    68. Larry Parane

      Win or lose, Izzy is a fearless fighter who deserves the title of “Champion”. Not like others who pick stylistic fights.

      1. Nie wiem Kurde

        The one who wins deserves the title of champion no Izzy

      2. Sharbel Irani

        @Genesis Rhapsodos Say hello to my little friend

      3. King


      4. Genesis Rhapsodos

        Nope. Jan will put Gynobender to sleep

      5. Sharbel Irani

        True 🤠

    69. Fhrh Sharo

      Izzy's dead

    70. Brown Biden

      Israel will win he is fast and have a good martial arts skills

    71. JAM

      The king Adesanya

    72. 1999

      This is gonna be a great weekend for me. My PS5 will arrive on the Friday and this UFC event will be on the Saturday.

      1. Yendezz

        W all around

    73. Jeremiah Mitchell

      This is the match that will determine the future as we know it

      1. Yendezz

        Agreed, Sasuke

    74. Mukti Cahyono

      Hope Jan blachowicz win

    75. CalikL

      0:53 look at the blood, dear Lord!

      1. Yendezz

        Yeah, Matt Serra said Jan knocked his nose to the other side of his head so he popped it back in place himself. That's where all the bloods coming from

    76. Denz Yukie

      The Best of RUNNING IZZY!

      1. Younes bash

        @Denz Yukie well you are casual because all the fighter say hes the best ufc striker and you are nothing no 1 listen you and i dont care about floyd but he destroy hes era you are fanboy not fan sport because we all know they are great fighter even if i dont like Floyd

      2. Denz Yukie

        @Younes bash for me it was not deserving became a superstar like who know kicking and running, he was influence by Floyd. 😂

      3. Younes bash

        @Denz Yukie well you are casual bécause this is because After these fight adesanya become ufc superstar

      4. Denz Yukie

        @Younes bash it was boring fight less brawl , what i see is running and kicking😂

      5. Younes bash

        He never run or maybe when he tko costa and withaker the 2 best fighter in adesanya division casual

    77. Logan N

      That shot of izzy watching Blachowicz on the TV gives me chills

      1. Jeremiah Mitchell

        This is the match of the year

    78. Krzysztof Sobesto

      Jan 👑

    79. All Sports

      I have an interesting sport

    80. arek gga

      AAAAAAND STIIILLLLL!!! for Błachowicz!

    81. emeron joseph

      Dam izzy I like u but this gonna be a challenge

    82. Faizal Jamal

      izzy always gets the most fire promos for his fights

      1. eziokwubundu Nwosu

        B'cos He's the Champ !! Taking on the Big dogs !! A Badass !!

    83. Teariihere Teinaore

      israel adesanyaMouvement

    84. cr500blur

      The big Pol is going to hand the twig his destiny...a nice big phat awakening...

    85. Sebastian Jakimczuk

      Jaaaaaneeeek 💖🇵🇱

    86. Cegla

      Jan Blachowicz ❤

    87. 🐓

      Rip izzy

      1. Ravi patekar

        Rip izay😁

      2. choral -_-

        I’ll be back here after the fight

    88. Yuris Abrori

      Jan gonna win, he is a beast

      1. choral -_-

        I’ll be back to this comment

    89. RhodesianSAS1994

      Famous last words "There's levels to this game" - Corey "He's too slow for me" - Luke "Im just different" - Dominic "I've had harder fights" - Izzy

      1. X Football

        @HernandezNC will do, and you do the same. I got Adesanya by 3rd round tko

      2. HernandezNC

        @X Football let’s not argue anymore well both come back to this comment when the fight is over i got Jan knocking out izzy wbu ?

      3. X Football

        @HernandezNC Jon also beat Gustafsson twice and Santos who beat Blachowicz. Jones beat Reyes by unanimous decision period, who cares what a bunch of casuals think who can’t score mma fights

      4. HernandezNC

        @X Football Reyes took jones to 5 rounds and some say he beat Jones with all that said then Jan obliterated him so stop this cap how about we leave this till they fight and i got Jan knocking izzy out

      5. X Football

        @HernandezNC Jan got beat by Patrick Cummins. If the big 4 at lhw didn’t leave (Jones, rumble, dc and Gustafsson) we never would have heard of Jan

    90. art ek


    91. Biszkopt Biszkiewicz

      Janusz bedzie za wolny, bedzie lezal, bedzie bity, bedzie plakal

    92. 1 Nуrб

      8 кг разницы в весе и это после весогонки. В клетке Блахович будет весить все 100, а Адесанья свои 84. Нужно иметь серьезный туз в рукаве, чтобы побить поляка, а иначе он задавит его как Фьюри задавил Уаилдера.

    93. Sean Richards

      Very very dangerous fight for stylebender,, if he absorbs and avoid blachs’ best shots he will win on points

    94. S1egfried

      Does anyone know name of the song?

    95. Jack Hinde

      Jan kickboxing record 15-3 Adesanya kickboxing record 32-0 as an amateur and 75-5 as a profession Adesanya boxing record 5-1 Adesanya mma record 20-0 Jan mma record-27-8 Personally I got adesanya for this one if anyone wants to debate it comment and I’m willing to have a fun argument

      1. Jack Hinde

        @ProTon I do think adesanya can win he’s had experience fighting at heavier weights he just hasn’t took a punch by 4 ounce gloves at LHW in MMA

      2. ProTon

        In the words of Joe Rogan. "MMA math has and will never work"

    96. sonicvictory

      I think we keep saying I think this guy should give Izzy a good fight. I think ? He should be a lot like the Gastelum fight, but who knows. Izzy's been making monsters look like dweebs

    97. Gabriel Andrade

      Go Adesanya ! 🔥🔥🔥

    98. slipknotflippinrocks

      You may not like him, but your kids do lol Izzy a goat

    99. choral -_-

      1:11 Izzy dead eyeing that belt saying in his head that would look better on me lol

    100. Sebastian Nieroda

      Janek MISTRZU dla mnie i na pewno dla większości fanów mma w Polsce jestes i będziesz największą legendą mma w naszym pięknym kraju . Jako pierwszy zdobyłeś szczyt i życze Ci żebys nigdy z niego nie spadł . A jeśli Ci sie przydarzy kiedys przegrana , to niczego nie zmieni , bo jesteś prawdzimym sportowcem , a my prawdziwymi kibicami , i bedziemy z Toba w tych najpiękniejszych i najgorszych chwilach. Ja ze swojej strony życzę Tobie i Izzy'emu pięknej mistrzowskiej walki , oby bez kontuzji i po prostu niech wygra lepszy . Niech przemówi sport , niech przemówi charakter , niech przemówi siła . LEGENDARY POLISH POWER!!!