UFC Vegas 19: Tom Aspinall - "The Aspinall Jiu-Jitsu, Baby"

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    Three fights, three finishes so far in Tom Aspinall's UFC career. Aspinall spoke with Michael Bisping after his submission victory over former champion Andrei Arlovski at UFC Vegas 19.
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    1. Remy Stones

      Michael Bisping literally sounds like a Pirate, listen to the laugh at the end. 🤣

    2. Jahongir Mirzayev

      His punch series and hand speed is awesome.

    3. gageisok

      I have high hopes for this prospect

    4. Keshawn Carter

      He does not look how he sounds

    5. urban freedom off-road

      This kid is a joke, he hasnt had his taste yet, once he fights a real contender i bet he quits fighting and starts serving fish and chips at his local shop.

      1. Hal Hotspur

        He just smoked Arlowski who literally just beat a good contender in Tanner Border 😂 casuals get out

      2. Canis Majoris

        Shit car

    6. Raycharles27

      Looked good.. Daukas won’t fight aspinall unless he’s ranked higher then him... daukas is scurred of aspinall

    7. Jazza

      Wigan town baby

    8. Erik Carrillo

      Aspinal looks like Frank Mirs British brother.

    9. Daniel Walker

      Guys I’m British and I’m telling you he’s the next British champ. Not because he’s British. He’s British because he was born in England. However I’m not trying to make a big deal about him being British. Long story short I just realised I’m talking shit because I’m drunk but I just feel I should go on because... I’m British. LOL jokes. I just said lol wait what fuck shit soz....🤦‍♂️ Tom is British and we like pints of beer

    10. Robert Langdon

      There was a lad in my year at school with the surname, "Aspinal" and he looks IDENTICAL to Tom Aspinal. I SWEAR they must be related.

    11. Hubert Landing

      Listen...UK fans better fucking get behind this man

    12. Diego Rodríguez

      british people seem nice when they interact with each other

      1. Hal Hotspur

        Just an understanding of eachother.

    13. Brandon

      Love how Arlovski was like FUUUCK then once he see's Aspinall's outreached hand offering instantly smiles and nods towards him

    14. Po Pe

      retirement for Arlovski,thats enough now.

    15. badboydeny4

      Tom “Charlie Chaplin” Aspinall

    16. Guy Evans

      The Brits are here to takeover!

      1. Connor Coleman


    17. K Milkerson

      Heavyweight division heating up

    18. Skra Skra

      A very british interview

    19. Stipe Mirko Miocic Filipovic CROATIAN GOATS

      bro he sounds like his 60 years old

    20. Cieran Kinsella

      He said Andy aspinall... he was shouting out his dad ffs

    21. sofia parkes

      His crap

    22. Gareth Hodgson

      Well done Tom 👍🏻💪🏻💪🏻

    23. Adam Holt

      That was one of those "get me out of here right now" chokes and fortunately there's a button for that. This kids on a steady build we'll be seeing much more of him soon.

    24. xfghkhjfsejid

      Aspinall Vs Daukaus next

      1. A G

        no....Daukaus vs walf harris.....aspinall vs spivac......and dont forget my pick for biggest sleeper in this division Romanov

    25. robm94 L

      Definitely got pissed with Bisping after the event

    26. Massimo Fabio Melideo

      Aspinall vs Daukas next makes sense 🤔

      1. Hal Hotspur

        Would rather see Aspinall Vs Hardy

    27. KingDoms Kingdom1985

      The growth in talent from Team Kaobon these past 5 years have been impressive for me, Colin Heron deserves an immense amount of respect.

      1. Emerson Alexander

        Who else do they have besides him and Till? Genuinely asking

    28. Samuel Cruz Jr

      Ngannou would make him his butler mate!!!!

      1. Samuel Cruz Jr

        @Hal Hotspur Stipe would make him his bitch too!!!

      2. Hal Hotspur

        Wow ngannou would beat a young contender, no shit

      3. Big Blocka

        Ngannou too busy serving Stipe food

      4. BB

        He’s got a lot of time

    29. Nicola Maxwell

      Excellent performance, did the UK proud! Nice one Tom👌

    30. Nathan Williams

      Tom vs bam bam tuivasa next I recon

    31. flash for cash

      He's good but he ain't beating nganu blades Lewis Lewis will kill him

      1. Hal Hotspur

        @flash for cash relax r e tard You gain experience and develop skills as you climb the rankings. He's shown he's good enough to be in the UFC by smoking everyone he's fought. Casuals begone.

      2. MrDRUFC1

        @flash for cash Only on the internet would someone say a guy who is 3-0 in the UFC should not be in the UFC 😂😂

      3. Big Blocka

        @flash for cash come on lad just chill out we're alive and we'll all be dead soon

      4. flash for cash

        If he's not ready then he shouldn't be in the UFC to be the best you have to beat the best

      5. Big Blocka

        It's almost as if he's had 3 fights in the UFC and those are experienced top contenders

    32. Bob Falfa

      If you don't like Bisping, then you ain't living right.

    33. Tyro Cyr


    34. Eduardo Luis

      Give him Juan Espino 👀

      1. Hal Hotspur

        Who is espino? I wanna see him fight Greg Hardy

      2. A G

        great idea....Espino trained with oleinik for his camp he might be ready to go shortly

    35. Charly Templar

      Arlovski and Overeem need to retire. They don't need to prove anything again. The game is changing fast.

    36. Blackmambapink 8

      0:19 wait...what, a veteran? Not a legend?🤔

    37. Come get some !


    38. Ftd jay

      This nigga sounds like a soccer narrator lol

    39. Kacper Łabuz


    40. Code Froziten

      Aspinall vs Oleinik, submission war 🙏

    41. Pwee-Is-Gr8

      Aspinall vs Daukaus is the match to make next.

    42. When Didiask

      He’s not calling out top guys, fighting his way up and taking his time. Man I can’t wait to see him at his best against the best

      1. BretN7

        Learned from darren tills mistakes as the UFC pushed him way too fast hoping he'd become champion for the british fans.

    43. Vi _XXiV

      Chael Sonnen about to make a video about how he said "…these guys are way above me.": Explaining that Rankings don't matter, etc 😂

    44. Shawn Fahoum

      One word....Fast

    45. Johnson

      Aspinal nice guy. Didnt Ko old arlovski went for the sub.

    46. Novan Burner

      He sounds like dubbed character

    47. Nick Barnes

      Andy Aspinall Jiujitsu, not And The Aspinall Jiujitsu 😂 cmon guys

    48. Sail Hatan

      Frank Mir is back baby!!!! Still got it!!

    49. The last Samurai

      Believe you me here, he said 20 seconds but all good 100 seconds works too lol

    50. Introspectators Productions

      English lads representing

    51. lil'blaster22

      I didn't know the UFC stood for Ultimate Fugly Championship...

    52. J C

      He sounds like an NPC that you do quests with in a game

      1. J C

        @EVO6 I'm Irish

      2. EVO6

        You Americans do realise that English people exist outside fantasy RPGs right?

      3. rafaela favaro ꧂

        Take it easy, greasy. You've got a long way to slide.

    53. Nathan Craig

      Sounds like a DEfasts video commentating voice

    54. Alf

      Greg hardy vs aspinall anyone?

    55. Shivneel Kumar

      His accent is what most people think British people actually sound like

      1. リチユアーロン

        not really, the south has a higher population.

      2. Billy Webster

        Well they would be wrong then

      3. Billy Webster

        It’s a northern accent! Leeds maybe Lincolnshire. Btw America we don’t pronounce it Lincoln shire! We pronounce it lincolnsheer! Lmao 😂

      4. A simple man

        @Javier Olmedo you might struggle with a Geordie accent and the Scottish accent is nearly another language

      5. The Working- Class Brand

        @LJD 85 the most offensive comments are of those of people confusing Atherton with Wigan! :D

    56. Alex Eddy

      Career ended

    57. Bee's Knees

      Whenever i see surging heavyweight and wonder if he has what it takes to get the title I remember francis

      1. THEO

        Yeah its really upsetting because literally none of them are getting past Francis except Stipe and maybe Jones

      2. Mot Kaou

        Gtis that defasts.info/title/video/obZ6paaqil2V0JY.html oh good

      3. Justin Homer Simpson Gaethje

        True, even if Francis loses to stipe, hes gonna stay the the top murdering contenders. Similar to Robert whitakker

      4. Darrell Roberts

        And derick lewis

      5. Rohit Mahera

        You look stunning no matter what you wear.

    58. Shon Movies

      Who reads that to see health🙏🙏🙏

    59. Pew-Pew

      Feed this man Greg Hardy. If not , Chris Daucus. Who is also smashing his way through the division.

      1. Hal Hotspur

        Aspinall would probably beat Hardy but I wanna see it. I like both of them.

      2. Khai Kimi

        @JustYour AverageGamer oh, tq man for information

      3. Geoffrey Noonan

        Greg hardy would get killed, this guy is to skilled on the ground for him

      4. JustYour AverageGamer

        @Khai Kimi werdum isn't in the ufc anymore lmao, he's in PFL now

      5. KingDoms Kingdom1985

        @Bo mal patriote love your matchmaking mate, agree with all 4 of these 🤙

    60. ZANZABILA 2014

      UFC Vegas 19: Lewis vs. Blaydes (2021) LIVE Stream ------------۞-------------- Watch Now ➬ ufcvegas19blaydesvslewis.blogspot.com механізм, який ми використовуємо для встановлення Кеннеди, Жонсон нарын тэргүүлэгчид, Вьетнам, Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre

    61. Nathaniel Hasell


    62. Pro Fights Info

      His hands looked very fast tonight, also he took Arlovski’s back with some haste, great performance.

    63. ZANZABILA 2014

      UFC Vegas 19: Lewis vs. Blaydes (2021) LIVE Stream ------------۞-------------- Watch Now ➬ ufcvegas19blaydesvslewis.blogspot.com механізм, який ми використовуємо для встановлення Кеннеди, Жонсон нарын тэргүүлэгчид, Вьетнам, Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre

      1. Mexican Food Truck

        I'm telling Dana lol

    64. Joe


      1. Connor Coleman

        * 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    65. Handsome Squidward

      blaydes and lewis are well above him and he respected that . im a fan now

    66. Quentez Worthy

      He is the future. He is a beast. I been a fan @tomaspinall n gain a lot tonight congratulations my friend

    67. Combat Study

      Aspinall vs Espino next please !!

      1. j roy

        That's a good ass fight!

    68. FaZe Ocean

      And to think he answered “what’s grappling” to bisping

      1. Jack ryan

        @drifting away what’s sarcasm?

      2. drifting away

        Americans just don’t understand sarcasm

      3. Jack ryan

        American and sarcasm lmao

      4. SAPPMAN

        British humour

    69. K U R_TV


    70. Angelo Caz

      Future of the HW division is looking bright 👀

      1. jeremy joseph

        @Trigzz Frl yeah with Jones Stipe Ngannou being elite, Volkov and Lewis look like beasts too, it is kinda stacked right now

      2. Trigzz Frl

        They sleep bro division is stacked lowkey

    71. ZANZABILA 2014

      UFC Vegas 19: Lewis vs. Blaydes (2021) LIVE Stream ------------۞-------------- Watch Now ➬ ufcvegas19blaydesvslewis.blogspot.com механізм, який ми використовуємо для встановлення Кеннеди, Жонсон нарын тэргүүлэгчид, Вьетнам, Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre

    72. Aaron Fuller

      Fight like this are a shame and a disgrace to the sport if you ask me Andre should have never been fighting this guy in his 20s just as all the other UFC fights Where they put these old as men who don't get me wrong are legends but way way way past their time and they try to put them up against guys like this like it's supposed to be exciting. What a joke

      1. Aaron Fuller

        @dick McGibbon your pathetic paragraph is enough to show it doesn't need a reply🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ probably live with your mom. Your lack of actual commen sense is disheartening. Have you ever been in a real fight? And knocked ever? Don't say some dumb reply that's a real question. To have any debate that this fight was legit on entertaining is ridiculous a bet you also liked the Mike Tyson fight.

      2. Snake Meister

        @Aaron Fuller did you think Tanner Boser and Arlovski was a bad match up?

      3. Aaron Fuller

        @dick McGibbon .......

      4. dick McGibbon

        @Aaron Fuller...

      5. Scoobay

        @Aaron Fuller way to sidestep the points made. Just acknowledge you got it wrong and we’ll all respect you owning up.

    73. Seth Meh

      Just give it up Arlovski

    74. Youtube Hates Free Speech

      Hearing his voice for the first time caught me off guard lol.

      1. Mot Kaou

        Ttis that defasts.info/title/video/obZ6paaqil2V0JY.html oh good

    75. lil'blaster22

      Damn! The UFC finds the fugliest people on the planet and makes them fight. Everytime they get smashed in the face it's an improvment...

      1. Karelin

        @lil'blaster22 fair enough pal, lol

      2. lil'blaster22

        @Karelin Who can understand your drunken comment? Looking at fuglies through beer goggles and thinking they are normal does not count as normal. Check this, a new UFC slogan. "The UFC where fuglies come to get their faces fixed."

      3. Karelin

        I mean Aspinall is a normal looking man, but who cares what a man looks like when he's in the UFC fighting not looking to be a male model..... 2021 is strange indeed.

      4. lil'blaster22

        @Joel Griffin Are you talking about yourself? I never did any of what you're talking about. Back away from the crack pipe...

      5. Joel Griffin

        @lil'blaster22 I think judging by the likes that your comments are receiving, you should stop now. You’re either a very bad troll, or just plain stupid.

    76. henry taufua

      He's a problem in HW

    77. Christopher McCandless

      Dauskaus,Gane,Romanov,Aspinall,Blaydes,Volkov,Miocic,Jones, Ngnnou. It will be very interesting!!!

      1. Aiwosh Qqqq

        @Christopher McCandless 😂😂

      2. Christopher McCandless

        @Aiwosh Qqqq Right!!! But Lewis fucked up everything!!! Really really really he doesn't belong here in top 10!!!! But yea...here he is...

      3. Aiwosh Qqqq

        + Pavlovich

    78. Axel_ Adams

      At last somebody takes out old man Arlovski....Tom seems like he could be a serious contender at HW

      1. Silver Noob inc.

        @Almighty Sosa won his last 2

      2. Almighty Sosa

        Arlovski been getting knocked out

      3. Mot Kaou

        tis that defasts.info/title/video/obZ6paaqil2V0JY.html oh good

    79. Tutto Salvé

      Kinda flattened him lmao

    80. Jerold Spurgin

      Aspinall hasna commentators Voice

    81. DeathDivision

      Can somebody tell me what arlovski shouted after he tapped to the choke? 😂

      1. DeathDivision

        @mami3790 when u think u still have it in cod and get dominated after month rust

      2. DeathDivision

        @mami3790 haha 😄

      3. mami3790

        "FUCK!" - Andrei Arlovski

    82. James G

      This guy looks like a problem

    83. JustYour AverageGamer

      If he polishes his striking defense, he can be a force in the heavyweight division

      1. James

        Yes definitely, would like to see him circle away from opponents rather than back straight up, but he’s looking great so far

      2. jeremy joseph

        @Miyamoto Musashi I think if he's facing one of the heavy hitters he will definitely put work in that direction he's still got time. Arlovski was just his warm up fight.

      3. Miyamoto Musashi

        @MystiK-MaK21 That was an example you dum dum. 1 That's Till 2 This is heavyweight 3 Aspinall DID get touched and 4 when it's not arlovski but Bigi Boy, Lewis or Ngannou doing the touching it would be fatal.

      4. MystiK-MaK21

        @Miyamoto Musashi you the one talking about Tills defence, He also made Kelvin Gastulum look like an amateur for 3 rounds and didnt get hit with one punch, nobody else can say that, not even Adesanya.

      5. Miyamoto Musashi

        @MystiK-MaK21 1 That's Till 2 This is heavyweight 3 Aspinall DID get touched and 4 when it's not arlovski but Bigi Boy, Lewis or Ngannou doing the touching it would be fatal.


      They need to get a better voice than Joe Martinez

      1. waxing gibbous

        I will fantasize about sending you excessive amounts of grapes 🤤🤤🤤

      2. The True Manc

        @I LOVE GRAPES yeah, always sounded a bit strange

      3. I LOVE GRAPES

        @CSO Sev I don't like Joe Martinez the announcer

      4. CSO Sev


    85. Ben Thompson

      This mans gonna be a problem for the heavyweight division this year, wait and see.

    86. Guest

      Shout out to Michael Chandler, the hero of Black History Month

      1. Brian Nodwll

        @Guest idk

      2. Thunderfist McBeefcake

        @Angelo Caz *Ike Perry

      3. DeathDivision

        @Brian Nodwll "Racissssst" -Tyrone Woodley

      4. Guest

        @Brian Nodwll what did I say thats racist?

      5. Lhype

        @Brian Nodwll 😂

    87. Big Chief

      i’m convinced he practices all his chokes on darren till

      1. J J

        @Skammee what’d Darren do to you?😂

      2. Skammee

        @KingDoms Kingdom1985 the man to watch getting hammered on ! the fun starts at 1:07 defasts.info/title/video/hbRwndmwbnSWl9U.html just beautiful

      3. Skammee

        @MystiK-MaK21 yeah Chito crumbled worse than a year old Cheeto in the glove box . That's how it goes sometimes .

      4. MystiK-MaK21

        @Skammee What happened to chito TKOing Aldo? 😂He got schooled.

      5. Anthony Calnero

        Tom please enough.

    88. Justin Homer Simpson Gaethje

      Learned from his father Frank Mir

      1. Hassan _

        Ffs 😂😂

      2. Ernesto Mejia


      3. Mot Kaou

        Ttis that defasts.info/title/video/obZ6paaqil2V0JY.html oh good

      4. Txig777

        I knew I wasn't the only one who had this thought lol

    89. RøSs

      Tom "Charlie chaplin" Aspinall

    90. SMOSHBOSS69

      Future champ

    91. Serch Hernandez

      1 🔥

    92. nitro10


    93. Vaun Flavio

      Mir still gettin it done les go!

      1. Bazooka Joe


    94. nitro10